Thursday, January 6, 2011

Now perhaps something more positive


Ah right then. Got that out of our system. So, 2011 is here and a full year is ahead of us. What will you do with it? It will be what you make of it. Plenty of negative news will happen but we each have our own lives to tend to as well as those around us.

Three things will see you through the worst of times. Faith, family, and friends. No, not work, not government, not possessions. All of those are secondary to the relationships and experiences. Another thing to help you through your year is surrounding yourselves with the most uplifting things and people in life. Lots of really awful things to choose from out there but also lots of exceptional things and people. The artists and music of a certain Irish group get me through a lot. Changes within that organization are troubling but what remains is still amazing. Plenty to look forward to in the new year as well on that front.

The best resolution one can make is to get the old negative things holding you back out of your system and leave them behind. New year brings change and new beginnings. We may not like all that unfolds in 2011 but can choose to embrace the positive.

For me it will mean new writing, more adventures, though fewer of them, and a more vigorous work schedule. Take the time to appreciate the good people around you and to smell the flowers. Enjoy a beautiful sunset or sunrise. Take a walk along the beach or through a forest. Make the changes you need in your life to fill it with the things of real beauty and not the artificial stuff of this world. Finally, look to a higher authority and develop your spirit. It can be a beautiful world if you discard the negative people and things in your life.

So I hope for each of you that it will be a great 2011 no matter the challenges, and that you'll be a blessing to others. The past is what it is and you learn from it. That is it's value. Living in it is another thing and serves nothing. Certainly that is what I have taken from the first few days in 2011. The rest of this year you will see here reviews, travel adventures, poems, and excerpts from my first book. Positives. Stay tuned and enjoy your shows.

Cheers, Scott

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  1. This is a very wise post. Thank you for sharing. I neede to read this today! I am not sure how I got to your blog, but I am certain it was a blessing!