Sunday, April 17, 2011

Constructive efforts

Hi there!

Well, here we are getting ready for another birthday celebration. It has been wonderful to be there now three years running to support a certain fiddler on her special night and represent many others as well. There will be plenty of others in Springfield to do the same this year, which is great. The past couple years have seen so few at the show to do that. More this year than ever before.

I've been busy working on forum things after Destiny stepped down due to schedule conflicts. Just some internal shuffling, cleaning up, and getting a new slate of mods. Once all that is done I'll be stepping down there to simply just a member and fan. I've wanted to do that for awhile and have done so in other forums already. I see the forum put up a blog post yesterday:

That has always been the case that the forum speaks for itself. At times the leadership has needed to speak up for members when there have been irregularities but its chief role is to support, promote and stand by the artist. I realize there are those out there who are more contentious and even I have been at times. No point in that really. All I want to do is my own small part in supporting this amazing violinist and her music. Stepping away is the best way to do that as Mike is perfectly capable of being a great representative of all her fans. Heck, he'll hit 100 shows later this year! Amazing.

The other constructive thing will happen next week when I have a very important meeting to discuss flaws in the system from a fan perspective with people who can make a difference in it. Be looking for an extensive blog post on about the 28th. I've always believed you can't just gripe but need to offer solutions when there are challenges in any business. I've done that in many businesses and to good effect.

It is likely Sioux Falls will be my last show with a few exceptions such as Mike's 100th show and ones closer to home. It has been an interesting four years to say the least. My thanks to everyone along the way who made it special and especially a certain violinist from the Emerald Isle. Luv ya pixie dust. Happy birthday.

From beneath the arch, Scott

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