Sunday, October 12, 2014

Why I'm voting for Independent Tisha Casida

When I voted for the first time in 1976 I registered as a Republican. Seemed the right way to go at the time. As a youngster I was impressed with JFK but then came LBJ and that soured me on the Democrats. But then Nixon did no good service for the Republicans. I voted for ford because he seemed like a nice guy and he ended our involvement in a war that should have never been, Vietnam. Yes, he pardoned Nixon, for what I consider a minor offense, bugging for campaign secrets. Nixon did far worse to us with the alignment to the Saudis and the petro-dollar that ended our last traces of the gold standard. Inflation took off. He also cozied up to China and in the end that has hurt more than helped us. Ford did nothing of consequence and the Watergate backlash gave us four years of misery with a well-meaning but inept Carter. The economy languished and we were seen as weak thus the Iran hostage crisis and the move by Russia into Afghanistan. Next up was Reagan, whom I voted for both times. He was a patriot and a decent human being. But like JFK he was forced to surround himself with people who would undermine him and the nation. The economy improved by a lot yet it was not without sacrifice mainly to the Federal Reserve and the beginning of an ever growing debt spiral thanks to Congress. I was still a Republican. That would change with George HW Bush, the former CIA guy and Mr. read my lips no new taxes. He was globalist back when most of us were no sure how bad that really was. He wanted NAFTA and GATT but I saw nothing good about that. I never liked unions but I agreed with their opposition to what would take so many jobs away from us.
And so in 1992 I began my trek toward being an independent voter. In the coming years I would vote for the person and not the party. Both parties got my votes at various times at various levels. But I was a Perot guy in 1992. We were later demonized for giving us 8 years of Clinton. He was not the worst President but he was far from being the best. He was just a good old boy looking for his thrills and detached from what has become obvious as a really nasty wife. He was immoral in a nation rapidly becoming that way and excusing it. He and his wife were products of the 60’s and their agenda and lives showed that. Perot received 21% of the popular vote even though he was threatened by both parties and removed himself from the race. People were fed up with the two parties and they were both scared to death. Mrs. Clinton’s leftist leanings were far worse than Bill’s. She tried to get socialized medicine back then and the country hounded her into retracting it. We were not ready. Twenty years later we still weren’t but one party rule forced it upon us whether we wanted it or not. The only thing I give President Clinton credit for is the Good Friday accords in Northern Ireland which effectively ended that sectarian struggle between Christian sects. But he, like Bush before him got us involved in foreign wars best left alone. Kosovo was none of our business and it became the first war in which we sided with Islam against supposedly oppressive Christians. Milosovic was a tyrant in many ways but it was still Europe’s business and not ours just as Ukraine is today. Tito had held Yugoslavia together and kept the cultural differences from blowing up. With his death the region fell apart. This is very much like what we see today in North Africa and west and central Asia where dictators get knocked off by us and replaced with far worse. Yet we survived the Clinton years and a Republican Congress kept spending in check to a degree. Then came GW Bush and the events of 9/11. We had enflamed the Islamic world for years both overtly and covertly. Yet another war that would end whenever and accomplish little except gets lots of our military and lots of civilians killed. Bush gave us the infernal Patriot Act which was a huge step in taking away civil liberties. The one who followed him took that to even worse levels. I confess that I voted for GW the first time but not in the primaries. After that I went full on independent. I had begun to see what the insider elite of both parties was all about and it cared zero for we the people. Their agenda was global and not national. I believe in taking care of your own first. By the end of his second term we had the universally despised banker bailouts. It was obvious who DC cared about and it wasn’t us. Then came the cult of Obama. He weaved his spell with his propagandists and came from nowhere to win an office for which he was nowhere near qualified. It was all about color and nothing else. He had no record of accomplishment and in fact virtually everything about him was and still is obscured. His wife was and is an angry woman who hates the country and was clear about that in her master’s thesis. Like the Clintons they were products of the 60’s radical left. Bill moderated over the years and his wife did not. The Obamas were hard left as well.
It was clear in the past elections after Reagan that who the nominees in both parties were for the highest office were coronated and selected by the inside elite like Carl Rove. We got sacrificial lamb Dole, hard line globalist hawk McCain, and left of center socialist lite Romney. The base of the GOP had turned away when folks like Ron Paul were shown a complete lack of respect. The center had moved left and many of us were left with no choice. This happened in Congress as well and it is clear we can either have radical left or moderate left with no spine. We have been getting nothing but lesser of two evil choices when most of us want no evil at all.
This is a mid-term election. Historically these are usually low turnout. In fact all our elections only produce a fraction of eligible voters. So we wind up allowing 10-17% of the country to determine our fate because of apathy. We see the results. I have been told by many that voting for someone who is not a D or an R is a wasted vote. I contend the wasted vote is one that votes for someone simply because you think they are the only ones who stand a chance of winning rather than because you agree with them. The D and R paradigm is false. Both parties are essentially the same behind the scenes in spite of public posturing for the cameras. There are some exceptions to that like Gowdy, Cruz, Gohmert, and others. Yet they are too few to make a difference. 
In the third Congressional district race for The house this year we have incumbent Tipton(R), and challenges Abel Tapia(D) and Tisha Casida (I). I went to a debate between the latter two in Alamosa that the incumbent did not attend. Both Tapia and Casida were asked great questions and both answered well, They were courteous to each other with few barbs or personal attacks of note. They agreed more than they didn’t. Were Ms. Casida not in the race I might be inclined to go with Tapia as I am strongly anti-incumbent. But I cannot because I know in spite of his sincerity and good intentions, I know in time he will be towing the party line of radicals like Pelosi and Reid. I voted for Tisha back in 2012 and will do so again this year. It isn’t because I have an issue with Tipton in general but he is part of the machine and his votes reflect it. We as Americans simply must eschew the false d and R paradigm. It is a game and both parties are laughing at our willingness to keep doing the same things with our votes and getting the same miserable results regardless of party. Spending is insane. There is zero will to control our borders. We are involved and funding foreign groups we have no business being involved with. We have allowed disease in that should never have been allowed in. Political correctness has run amok in every sphere. We are on the wrong side in almost everything and heading down a track to a cliff. When I was a youngster my grandfather told me that one day the USA would become more like the USSR and the USSR more like the USA. We’re here and it’s lousy. DC cares more about foreign nations, illegal immigrants, and politically correct groups than it does about the general citizenry. They undermine everything in our constitution with impunity. They look at us and know we object and simply say “what are you gonna do about It?” They seem bent on civil war by assaulting us from multiple directions. And so if we are going down then I for one will go down fighting and with a clear conscience that I voted for people I believed in like Tisha Caasida and not for the lesser of two evils because I’m a party hack or simply want to vote for the one I think has the best chance. We the people are being divided by race, gender, economics, and a whole host of issues by both parties and their media helpers. They do this by intent. When has either part ever actually solved one of the major issues? Everything they do makes matters worse. Every time we declare a “war on….” It’s phony. War on poverty? We still have poverty and it’s getting worse with the rapid demise of the middle class. War on drugs? Prohibition never works and our own government arms the drug cartels such as in Fast and Furious. War on crime?  It’s getting worse with the weakness of the judicial system and the overloading of private prisons with non-violent offenders. And some groups get a pass on violence. War on terrorism? Fight them over there but leave the border wide open over here? What sense does that make? Allow radical Imams to preach hate and violence in our mosques and do nothing? Fund Syrian “rebels” with our tax dollars and arm the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt only to have arms wind up in the hands of Al-Qaeda or similar groups. You can bet if we declare a “war on…” it will be a glorious waste of your tax dollars. People like Ron Paul and Tisha Casida are opposed to this nonsense as well as the continued bloating of our bureaucracy that cannot be sustained.  TSA searches infants and old ladies at airports then lets undocumented people from anywhere get on airplanes. Really? What sort of “homeland security” is that? It is the one that the Rove and Wasserman-Schultz types want. None and in name only. We turn a blind eye to the fate of Christians being slaughtered all over the world and suck up to radical Islam as the “religion of peace” when nothing in its scripture is peaceful unlike Christian scripture.

I want something different. No, not the “hope and change” rubbish that the Soros puppet in DC gave us which produces equal misery for all but a select ruling elite. Aren’t you tired of Congress voting itself a raise well above cost of living every year when you never get one? And then they vote on things and exempt themselves. This is what the D and R paradigm has given us. Tisha Casida is beholding to no party. She is beholding to her constituents and her own soul. I encourage all of you to seek another way and stop the madness of voting for the same thing time after time. We will never fix what is wrong if we remain divided by party and the issues they use as wedges. It is long past time we vote for person, not party. Vote your heart and your mind and don’t be a simple party hack. Look up what alternate candidates stand for and if you agree then vote for them. God help us all if we continue down the track to that cliff that we must reach if we do not take another route.

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