Sunday, January 25, 2015

Facebook and Al-Qaeda

Hello everyone,

      I had not expected to make a post on the blog for awhile yet. But events of this day require it. I created two pages on FB for my interests a few weeks ago. One is a history and geography page and the other was a political one. Today the latter was summarily attacked and shut down by the people at Facebook. Seems there is no difference between those who attacked Charlie Hebdo and those who run Facebook except in the manner of attack.

    I had gone to the page to make a post about the events in Yemen and the seeming either incompetence or complicity of our government in the rapid spread of radical Islam. Yemen will now devolve into another chaotic state run by extremists. Our "friends" in Saudi Arabia are now bracketed by this right at a time when they too are having leadership change with the death of their head of state. But it was not to be. I cannot post on the page and neither can anyone else. Some vile weasel whom I likely do not know obviously complained about my political incorrectness and the Al-Qaeda wannabees at the site shut the page off. For how long I do not know. Once it is up and running again I will remove it and dare FB to shut me off personally.

    Take a look at who owns the majority shares in places like Facebook and Twitter. You'll see globalist leftists and Islamists all over it. Both pages have no issue allowing Radical Islam to post recruitment sites and violent, hateful rhetoric against those who do not believe as they do. Those pages stay. Say anything against people like that or any politically protected group and you are not allowed the same free speech rights. It is nothing less than allowing the terrorists to win. It shows the complicity of media with violent extreme groups. It was no less an attack on me than what happened in France. The difference was in France it was a violent attack where people died. In mine it was a cyber attack but no less directed at free speech. I'm a virtual nobody in politics. My page had 20 likes and almost no comments. What are they afraid of? They fear the retribution of violent people who insist they not be exposed.

     That, my friends is the fear that has gripped the western world. People are afraid to speak out against any group that threatens violence. So instead the targets become those who speak out but are non-violent. Christians, for one. We do not organize in violent extremist groups to kill, mame, or blow up those we disagree with. Jesus taught us to be above that. Mohammad did not, nor do his most radical followers, nor do his writings. So what has happened is that western nations have become like the abused spouse or the kid in school picked on by the bully. It caves out of fear. Christians and like minded people of peace speak out with powerful words of Scripture about love and tolerance. Yet we are tolerating evil to the death of countless innocents. Would Jesus have done that? Would he have simply looked on or walked away as a woman is killed for daring to be raped? He didn't did he? Yet there are times when words can no longer stem the tide of darkness. There are times we must be a shield or even a sword for the innocent.

   We live in a world of gathering darkness. Evil in many forms takes its toll. All manner of violent behavior gets excused now unless it is by white Christian males. Our governments and societies in western nations bend over backwards to accommodate others. But there was a time when folks adopted their new countries rather than trying to undermine them and fully change their cultures. But there too is a history of the west doing this in colonization. That was not a good thing. Yet it cannot justify the behaviors of today any more than what happened then could be justified. Two wrongs don't make a right. There is a huge difference between learning from history and living in it. Too many today are still angry about the past. Too many blame what happened a century or more ago to their current plight. It is not so. YOU make your life what it is. Do some have terrible circumstances in their upbringing and subsequent lives? Yes. Yet there are countless stories of those who transcended their darkness and rose to success and happiness. That lies within YOU.

    This year we have seen the race agitation in the USA from certain unfortunate events. It has been amplified by government and media race-baiting hucksters who play on the victimhood of those they supposedly lead. It results in even more division. Has the black community in some cases been targeted? Sadly, yes. Yet it is the behavior of primarily the youth in those communities that makes matters worse. Are there out of control police? Yes. Are they the majority? No. Should the bad ones be weeded out? Yes, no question. Yet all the "kill whitey" talk does zero to end the gulf between races that has widened under our first black President. He fuels it.

    At the same time, relations between nations have gotten worse as well. CIA-funded groups are all over the planet destabilizing on behalf of their globalist masters. They attack and alienate existing leadership and demonize them to fan flames of war. I saw the warmongering, goofy McCain do that this morning on a news program. He wants so desperately to attack Syria and take down Assad. Why? Simply insane. Everywhere we went in to take out a "bad dictator" worse came in. Libya, Egypt, Iraq, and others have all fallen into radicalism in the vacuum. Yet he and others want to do that again in Syria? Christians were tolerated under Assad. Not so under ISIS/ISIL or Al-Qaeda, or the Muslim Brotherhood, or the Taliban. See a common theme here? Could it be Islam? Oh but don't stop there! What about Ukraine? Yes, the equally intolerant globalist elite left were incensed when that nation opted to not join their precious mess in the EU. So, they were destabilized and Russia made the scapegoat. Putin is the enemy they say. No he isn't! Putin has instability right on his border and a dagger pointed right at Russia. What would a sensible USA do if the very same scenario was happening in Canada or Mexico? Would we stand by and let an outside force destabilize our neighbors and threaten us? No. But our dictator in chief was embarrassed by Putin time and again including over Syria. So, like a good little narcissist, he had a tantrum and we got Ukraine along with the false flag shooting down of an airliner which should have never been there to start with.

    So, what are we the average citizen to do? Stand up! Speak out! Unite as one people. DC and its media helpers hate unity. They're all about division. So too we see in western Europe with insane policies of "diversity" and "tolerance" for groups who don't believe in either of those words! How nuts is that?! So, while my political page on FB may have been shut down, I will not and will never be silent about injustice. I'm a Libra, I believe in balance, justice, and peace. But I will not be a doormat and I will not give the school bully my lunch money. That goes for our own government, media, and places like Facebook and Twitter. If you think free speech is for some but not others then you do not know our constitution. No thought police are permitted and none should be brokered. If we roll over and let evil have its way then we are complicit in it. We must be people of the light and not the darkness. Facebook, you are on notice for conspiring with evil. Shame on you!

                                        In peace,      Scott/moscapoet

PS. a couple hours after I posted this Facebook relented without a word and the posts and my page were restored. See, David was right. Goliath CAN come down. Never give up!

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