Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ready for the final tour swing

Well, the Celtic Woman folks have had their well earned break and tomorrow begin their final swing of the spring 2009 tour. I'm sure I share with many others the prayers and well wishes for a great few weeks for them all as they wrap up this first tour of the new show Isle Of Hope.

I'm set to attend both shows in Raleigh, shows at Wolf Trap and Nashville, and the finale with both shows at Red Rocks outside Denver. Wow. The latter looks to be a big forum event.

Celtic Woman has released a couple new videos. One is a performance of their beautiful Brendan Graham composition, Oh America. That was recorded at the Nokia theater in Dallas on April 18th which was Mairead's birthday. This song never fails to get me all teary eyed. The other video is a promo and includes parts of Oh America at Dallas as well as bits of The Call and Mo Ghile Mear. Those two songs were obviously recorded early on in the tour, possibly at Chicago. How do I know that? David Downes is at the piano and Mairead is wearing the shiny, tighter fitting gown she started the tour with that I saw in Evansville.

These videos fuel specualtion that the new DVD will not be recorded as a stand alone performance as those in the past have been. Rather it may be a compilation of recordings from venues along this tour. That would save both CW and PBS a lot of money and hassles, and still produce a beautiful product. Wouldn't bother me one bit if that is what they do. They may record more as this tour wraps up at some great venues.

In response to a request to Celtic Woman for a donation towards Mairead's charity auction/raffle they have donated a very special gift that I should receive later in the year. I'll not say what it is just yet but I thank them as will Mairead and Oxfam for this thoughtful donation.

Olivia has been slammed with University and has taken a bit of a break from gigs. That does not mean she is relaxing! She continues to crank out more material and is preparing for full on rehearsals with her band with a full concert worth of songs. Those will be centered around our mission in India and the song Will India Cry. If you have not checked out Liv please go to her official site at www.oliviagritten.org and follow the links to hear some great music. Join her forum too if you haven't already!

I've not written a poem/lyric since the three right after Mairead's birthday. Too much else on my mind I guess. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. We posted a lovely thank you to Mairead in video format from her forum that is set to a previously unreleased song by Liv and I, Butterfly Kisses. Be watching for a new slide show/video on Youtube dedicated to Navy vets and set to another as yet unreleased song by us, Old Sailor. That was written about a friend of mine who is a WW II vet. Liv set it to music the first night I was in Australia, and she and I modified it some to make it flow better.

The unofficial start of summer has begun. So, to all of you, safe travels, an enjoyable summer, and God's blessings as always until the next time.

All the best, Scott

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  1. Greetings Scott, Great blog. Sorry i have'nt posted bere before.
    Hope you read this before you leave. Please give my regards to all the ladies of CW. If you can, give a hug to one special lady, and don't forget to tell her who it's from.
    Becouse og you, and those you wrok with, starting the Mairead Nesbitt Fan Forum web site, a lot of great things have been able to happen for me, and others.
    I owe you, I owe you BIG! Best wishes, and thanks.
    Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel