Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pixie dust in my coffee

I am running on pixie dust and coffee. In the maelstrom of a conflict between good and evil, right and wrong, and health and injury.

In a world filled with darkness populated by those who are filled with hate, anger, jealousy, and greed run rampant it is she who gives me hope.

In a world where a never ending stream of blockades are placed before me by those who follow another road it is she who leads me around the barriers with her kindness.

In a world where she risks it all in the name of her friends and supporters I am humbled by her strength and courage.

In a world of those who wish to destroy beauty I find a universe of it in her eyes and smile as she gracefully floats before me.

In a world where she goes forward in pain and limitation I and others stand by her and offer a place of peaceful and joyful sanctuary.

In a world of take she gives. All the while she inspires beauty and charity in others from the platform of a stage and notes from her sweet instrument.

In a world where it is easier to agree to the status quo she supports that which is different and uplifting that builds up and doesn't tear down.

In a world where many take the easy path she seeks the challenge and accepts the risks of life long injury while those in suits drain her ever slowly with little of earthly value to compensate her.

In the forest there is a mine from which those who inhabit the place draw strength and renewal. It is she who provides the ore that becomes the magic word we know will sustain the residents. We know it as pixie dust.

There are those who would use her up as an instrument for monetary gain thinking nothing of her as a person but as a thing.

There are those who would seek to drive a wedge between her and those who support her and between each other in their common bond in her.

There are those who pollute the minds of the weak and needy with the crumbs from their great bounty whose appetite is never satisfied.

There are those who look upon love as a four letter word never knowing its true meaning and its unconditional nature.

There are those who believe their twisted outlook on life is what others must believe and think about others.

There are those who cast a suspicious eye to those they do not know and assume the worst while the one who does know has no issue with the one subject to criticism.

And so my friends it is time to let the pixie dust fly.

She showers pixie dust upon those who truly see and hear the essence of who she is in her performances and with every meeting.

She delivers with every note and step the spirit of The One who sent her here to share the gifts He put in her.

What do we do with that pixie dust when we receive it? Pass it on.

It should be dropped by the bag full on those who would use her simply for their own gain.

It should be dropped by the ton on all those who seek to destroy that which she finds pleasing and of comfort.

It is pixie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Awake and at rest. Now and forever more it is pixie dust that sends so many on a beautiful journey of inspiration, hope, and peace. It is pixie dust that makes the trees of her forest grow and bear fruit. It is the message she bears for Him from above through the gifts she has been given that will bring healing to those who seek shelter in her soul.

So my friends take a spoonful and swirl it in your coffee and sprinkle it on all your life then pass it along to another and bless them with the essence of the purest sweetener that is she. May she never lack that sweetness of life and love and may you be a vessel to carry it on to another who so desperately needs what only she can give.

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  1. Thanks Scott, I needed that. I have been really bummed out with all that has been happening lately, we all need some pixie dust.