Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hello everyone!

Well, the Celtic Woman Isle Of Hope tour has come and gone. What has been left behind are marvelous images and memories for so many to relish. The artists have gone back to Ireland and have rested up a bit. Now they are preparing for their wonderful new DVD recording at Powerscourt. It appears there will be new material for that which adds more excitement to the whole adventure.

Yes indeed it will be another adventure. Plans are set for me to travel there and experience this production just as I did for the Christmas concert back in July 2007. It looks as though nearly two dozen forum members from various forums will be attending. None of them are hostiles in the silly goings on of the past many months. So, the audience will have no shortage of love and energy for this production. My plan also is to take in The High Kings show in Killarney a few days later. I also plan to visit county Tipperary, specifically Rock Of Cashel which is one of the most historic sites in the country. So a full schedule to be sure.

Inspirations from all of this have come fast and in great plenty. Poem #315 was written a few days ago. Eight came quickly after the experience at Red Rocks. A few days ago something new happened though. I've now begun a book. I can't go into too much detail here until it is done. However, I can tell you it is a fantasy series with a certain fiddler as the heroine. Three chapters are already done. At this rate I hope to have it finished in time to give a copy to her at the end of the fall tour. However, writing being what it is, there is no assurance the flow will maintain itself at this pace. Regardless, it seems I have been wrapped in a blanket of pixie dust, and I am enjoying the benefits of all of it.

No blog comments have come since before Red Rocks from the three artists within Celtic Woman who have blogs. I know many eagerly await them. But, these artists are enjoying time at home with family and friends and also working hard once again on the next production. Once that is over we all may hear from each of them again about Red Rocks, The tour in general, the production, and upcoming events. For now, thank you to Mairead for her wonderful support, to her forum members for their kindness and generosity to each other and her charity, and to all the other artists within Celtic Woman for their tireless and beautiful efforts in sharing their gifts. See you all again soon.

All the best, Scott

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  1. One week and counting till we fly to Ireland. I cant wait. Im looking forward to hearing the new material. I hope they do Fields of Gold and Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears as well as You'll Be in My Heart. I love all those songs.

    See you in a week!!!!!!!!