Sunday, August 2, 2009

Powerscourt Ireland

Hello everyone!

Well what a time it has been so far on the lovely emerald isle! As you know the DVD recordings for Celtic Woman did happen in spite of crummy weather the first night and an overheated generator the second night. All the prayers of so many were answered though and everything was recorded. We even had some bonus time as a few songs/airs they did again due to technical glitches. Thank you to everyone at Celtic Woman and especially the artists for all of your hard work. The end products will no doubt be fantastic! We look forward to the fall tour and then the spring tour next year where we'll see you again in person.

This has been a very full trip for me with very little sleep. I'm averaging about three to four hours per night and that will be the case again tonight as I will post a review of The High kings concert here in lovely Killarney.

Over the past few days I've visited Powerscourt in County Wicklow, Greystones along the coast of that same county, Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary, and now have met Lisa and Helen's mum. But also I met some wonderful Irish folks like Cieran our driver for the Powerscourt shows, and a nice couple from nearby the second night of the recordings as well as some friend's of Mairead's in a pub. I even got to publicly recite some of my poetry which was well received.

To say the least I am impressed with this nation and its people. Certainly I am impressed by their arts and culture. If you have never been to Ireland then make it a mission to go and experience this place and its people. But please do yourself a favor and don't make it a quick trip or limit it to Dublin. Allow time to travel and don't be in a rush. this is a place you sould savor slowly, not gulp. Same applies to your first and subsequent pints of Guinness.

I feel as richly blessed as can be and will not look forward to going back to the states on Wednesday. Like my Australia trip a few months ago, I really feel very comfortable here. Now if I can just get the poetry, books, and lyrics to pay I can spend more time in both places and even consider staying on for awhile. But it will be back to reality all to soon and finding a way to pay for my insanity.

To all the forum folks I met here in Ireland, it was a great pleasure to share time with you. Same goes for all of you I met on the inaugural Isle Of Hope tour. Thank you for your kindness and support. Mairead truly does both inspire and send out great waves of love that we in turn give to each other. God bless her and all of you. See you in the forums, MySpace, Twitter, and right here with the next blog.

Le Gra, Scott

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  1. Scott,

    Your post made me and others close to feeling being there for tapings. I agree that I feel comfortable when I was there including the weather and people. There is much to experience and learn that is not as advertises as other cultures of the people and what was constructed centuries ago.