Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall has fell but CW will melt the frost

Hello everyone!

Well, here in the high country of The Rockies we had our first hard freeze the other night. It has been in the mid-twenties a couple of nights now. We also have a nice mantle of snow on our surrounding peaks. The colors are appearing and the harvest is in full swing. Fall has fell for sure.

I've just begun to come down from an amazing tour by Celtic Woman and the marvelous adventures in Ireland at their DVD recording. Now, in less than two weeks, I'm off to support Máiréad in her next tour with that fine ensemble from across the pond. I have three shows to start then a break and four in the southwest to wrap it up. Along the way we'll have some wonderful gatherings of members of the various forums.

Business here slowed down quite a bit in July and August. In fact it has been the worst two months since I began. September is seeing a rebound though which my credit card company will appreciate. If you don't know I sell stamps of the world to stamp collectors and also make and sell simple earrings and pendants with single gemstones mostly in silver. Well, I have to do something to pay for my silly CW habit!!!

I have had some encouraging news on the creative front as well. Another artist in Australia is considering using some of my lyrics as basis for future songs. I won't let on who that is yet until things happen for sure. I'm now up to over 330 poems/lyrics since it all began. I have one gent working up illustrations for one poem to turn it into a children's book. Another artist has shown interest as well. I'm now also through chapter five of a fantasy novel I began writing after Red Rocks. I won't let on about the details just yet but a certain fiddler is the heroine of the novel.

I continue to offer my services to various forums and I thank everyone for their support and prayers. I also continue to pursue avenues to promote Liv Gritten in her efforts to make inroads into the music business. She is a very gifted singer/composer and you can find out more about her at as well as her music MySpace at where you can hear some of her tunes that include a couple to my lyrics and a radio interview. Thanks so much Liv for your trust and confidence.

So, lots going on here and around the world. We'll keep you posted. Thanks for reading and may God bless each of you.

All the best, Scott

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  1. Hi Scott,
    I am glad things are picking up for you, all of these concerts can be a strain. I have never been to so many, we totalled 6 and with Peduca coming up that will be number 7.
    So you have snow on the peaks, in Irish snow is called sneachta (pronounced snokT-ah)I hope we have some snow this time, it's still in the mid 80s here.
    Take care and we will see you in Peduca.