Sunday, October 18, 2009

What is your currency?

Hello everyone!

This has been an interesting week to be sure. It was the first full week since my return from the Celtic Woman fall tour. Three great shows, wonderful forum folks to share them with, and once again time to chat with my favorite person on the planet, Máiréad.

This week saw Máiréad post a nice new blog, Celtic Woman announce their first online chat on their site, and the news of Deirdre Shannon joining Celtic Thunder. This week also saw my credit card bill. Oh my. It certainly was an eye opener but should have been no surprise. It may take years to pay it off barring a miracle.

That brought me to the sermon today at a tiny church in Crestone, Colorado. I was attending the confirmation of a friend's son and the Episcopal Bishop of Colorado was conducting the ceremony. Interesting that his name is O'Neill. Why am I not surprised at being inspired by someone Irish.

In his sermon he talked about two different economies, the world's, and God's. It was a wonderful lesson and reinforced in me the path I am on. While I struggle with the world's currency, I am overflowing with God's. What is His currency? Love.

It is love that has driven me now in the past 2 1/2 years. Love of God,and love of one of His precious creations. Through her He has inspired me to write poetry, song lyrics, a fantasy novel, and a screen play all in various stages of work. It is love that drives me to what I do in the forums even though there are those who are filled with hate, greed, jealousy, and anger who wish me and those places ill. Love always wins but that does not mean it isn't a struggle. It is love that moved me to give so that others could see shows they otherwise could not. It is love that brings Olivia and I together to benefit an orphanage in India. It is love that moves members of Máiréad's forum to donate to her charity to help others.

That, my friends, is God's currency. Each of us has such wealth in abundance yet many have not been able to find it. The answer to that is simply give it. Spend that currency like it is going out of style. Love multiples it does not divide. The equation is simple. So, when I look at my credit card bill and consider what must be, I must weigh what has been received. It is worth every penny. To know love, to give love, to see love in action, to be inspired by love, all priceless.

I am grateful to God, grateful to Máiréad, grateful to the many wonderfully supportive forum folks, grateful to Olivia, and regret not a thing these past 2 1/2 years. There are more treasured moments and memories than in all of life before that and far more love.

Don't worry if your wallet is empty. Worry far more if your heart is empty. But if there is love inside of you spend it, share it, and rejoice in it. Don't worry, the source of it has plenty more for you. Via con Dios.



  1. I know what you mean Scott. My credit card is onyl a student card, and it's going to take a while to pay it back.
    But, when you think of how the money was spent, it's amazing. Thanks to you (and your credit card, ;-) ) I will have my dream of meeting two of my heroes, and so will other people.
    That being said, we finally have the money for you, so we can contribute to the "help pay it off" fund. ;-)

  2. Hello! I'm now following your blog, Scott. Good stuff.