Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy birthday Máiréad

Well, the dust (pixie dust that is) has settled on yet another birthday for the amazing Máiréad Nesbitt. This incredible professional, artist, and delightful woman has enchanted countless thousands in her career and does so with each passing show. In that time she has perhaps passed in the chronological calendar but she is younger now than when she started with Celtic Woman. Her passion, energy, talent, and never ending generosity in spirit simply moves forward and sweeps all before it gathering up hearts like a beautiful bouquet.

Last year her forum gave her the gift of a lovely, emerald green fiddle bow. Green to match her eyes and her isle and as a reminder of the living thing music becomes in her gracious care. She did her forum a huge honor and used it in both the final shows at Red Rocks that wrapped up the spring 2009 tour. This year her forum gave her a video DVD birthday card with the well wishes and creations of several forum members. At the end of it was a birthday wish recorded in December 2009 in Cleveland by former Celtic Woman artist Orlagh Fallon. Just another special moment to share with Máiréad. But the best gift I could think of to give to her from myself and from her forum was to find a way to make her experience on stage the other night memorable. So, I had planned this for a very long time and put it in place from the moment I entered the venue. I began passing out cards created by a forum member with her website and forum site on them and letting everyone know they were here on a very special night. I did not know if anyone would cooperate and if I would be standing there alone at the appropriate moment. Had that been the case I would have done the performance alone but that was not the case. At the right time late in the second act it began and one by one a large section of the audience of 2500 or so joined me in singing happy birthday to her then most of the place gave her an ovation. It was something I had always wanted to give her. It was personal yet very public and I am grateful to the folks in St. Petersburg for joining me. The looks on her face and that of the others on stage were moments I so wish had been captured in pictures. In the aftermath of that she referred to the event in a Twitter post which was very sweet. Prior to that she had put up a very kind blog that had so many lovely parts to it and was so very kind and supportive. It has been such an amazing time for her and it was my goal to give her the most special of moments out of genuine love and respect. She is like no other and is deserving of all the accolades, awards, and support we can give her.

She is most kind in her generous spirit of giving and I encourage all who read this to support her charity of choice, Oxfam Ireland Unwrapped as well as another one in her friend Darragh who will be working in the rebuilding of Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. Please treat yourself to a Celtic Woman performance by this consummate performer and splendid artist who is the very best at what she does and unique in the way she does it.

To you, Máiréad, may you know a great many more birthdays. May they all be special ones surrounded by those who love and cherish you. May the years be healthy, safe, productive, and kind as they progress. May your mind, body, and spirit be forever young. May the gift that lives in you continue to inspire and uplift and those blessings return to you tenfold. Happy birthday, Máiréad.

Le gra, Scott

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