Monday, March 22, 2010

My nation died last night

It is with profound sorrow that I mourn the death of a nation. A nation that was conceived in we the people. A nation that once held truth to be self evident. a nation that could look at itself rightfully as different and a shining city on a hill. We were the envy of the world, proud, free, and strong. we held firm to our values and beliefs and they made us stronger.

Last night at the hands of a ruling elite who think they no better than the rest of us, the dreams of our founding fathers were dashed. All of them are millionaires yet they talk like they are one of the regular people. Don't get me wrong, I am not into class warfare. But when the wealthy elite talk against the wealthy elite in an effort to fool us into thinking they stand with the common people when they do not, I am not impressed. Those we sent to DC have become arrogant and look down at the people as incapable of running their own lives. Perhaps in some ways they are right because it is they who created the deplorable "education" system that has created a mass ignorance of both history and our founding documents. They have dumbed down sufficient Americans now that they can convince them of nearly anything. So many have become what one talk show host has called, sheeple. Baaaaahhhhhh. Well, last night we were all fleeced.

Many I know bought into the lie that government can do health care better. Show me the evidence? Name for me the last program that government put into place that ran well and was successful. Government is a mass of red tape where nothing gets done except at an enormous cost. They told us that this would take the money out of the health care system and make it affordable. Really? What just happened is the same thing as mandating you have liability insurance on your car. Did the cost of that insurance come down? No, it went up as people have no choice if they want to drive. Is the money now going to be out of health care? Well 1/3 of doctors say they will quit under this new plan. Not exactly the money we thought would be taken out of it. Take a look at stocks of both insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies in the aftermath of this vote. They backed this whole thing. Now if the money was going to be taken out of it don't you think they would have been against the bill? No, because now they are assured of millions more paying who previously did not.

There is precedent for what happened late last night. what other unpopular things have passed the halls of Congress in the dead of night? The Federal Reserve Act which put all money in the hands of bankers. The Income tax and its payroll deduction aspects did so as well while America slept. Fully 1/6 of the nation's economy will now be added to government control. Private section jobs continue to decline in this country. The only growth sector is government and health related industries. The latter will now be effectively part of government now too.

So what gave the elite leftists in DC the idea they could do this with impunity? A couple examples. When the banks were failing at the end of the previous administration congress had the bright idea of bailing them out and taking nominal control. Polls showed over 90% of the American public against it. They did it anyway. when the auto manufacturers of this country were about to go under congress again stepped in to bail them out. The people did not want it. Same for the airlines after 9/11. So what message have they been sending us? We are going to do what we want whether you like it or not. Are there consequences to that? Well, there should be but while many were sleeping they have been busy Gerrymandering districts to make them safe for themselves. Then they give themselves a pay raise every year. Can you do that? Will any if them have to live by the system they just created? Nope. Just us rabble out here.

Can they pay for this? No. The revenue stream has shrunk due to the loss of jobs and the many who are under employed. Many others have simply fallen off the radar screen as they could not survive if they had to pay all the taxes. So what are they doing in DC to pay for all this spending? Printing more money. It will become increasingly worthless as they print more. Our debt to other nations climbs and soon the dollar may no longer be the currency of international trade which will further devalue it. Hyper inflation kicks in and soon you can't pay for anything.

Do the people running the show in DC see all this? Yes, but they aren't going to tell you that. Would a group of people actually set about to destroy their own nation on purpose? Yes. Want to know how? Read The Communist Manifesto and see just how accurate this past few decades has been in following that path.

Ladies and gentlemen your new "health care" system is not about health. It is about power and control. Is the current system perfect? Not in the least. Frankly, it is not in the best interest of the medical industry, and that is what it is, to cure anything. The money is made in treating you, not curing you. In a similar way is it in the government's best interest to educate all of us? Not in their minds it isn't. If you are truly educated you can think for yourself and be independent. Our government does not want people who think for themselves. They want people you believe what they are told by their propagandists in the traditional media. Do they want you independent? No, they want dependents who will do what they are told. So are there still good doctors and teachers who aren't part of all of that? Sure, there are lots of well meaning folks. But the longer they remain in the system and the more indoctrinated they are in government schools, the fewer there are of them.

I have watched this socialized medicine thing in action, if you want to call it that. Trust me, while your out of pocket expense will be low, your insurance will be higher as will your taxes. In addition, your quality and promptness of care will diminish. You will be placed by a bureaucrat, not an doctor on a waiting list for testing and then again for treatment. Only government prescribed treatment. It may be as you get older and therefor less productive as a taxpayer that you will be lower on the list for testing and treatment. I witnessed that first hand in Australia. Oh well, he died, it wasn't his turn yet for the heart surgery he needed. Think I'm wrong? Wait and see. After all these elitists believe in population control anyway. That at both ends of life for the yet to be born and the elderly. They are merchants of death and the people put them there.

So, a very long novel here as I mourn the death of the U.S.A. as I knew it. For us now we have a choice to let it stand or take our country and constitution back at the ballot box. What will you do? Will you stand up for your freedom or just let it go. When they raid your bank account to force you to pay for something you don't want will that be enough? Sadly, by the time that happens it will be too late. We were given a great gift by our founders in the constitution and declaration of independence. We are told today those are archaic and "living" documents open to reinterpretation. When words no longer mean what they did when written then the rule of law itself is dead. We have very little time to take our nation back. Get out and vote and throw out every incumbent who refuses to maintain their oath to protect, uphold, and defend the constitution. That will be nearly all of them.

We must do this peacefully and at the ballot box or face far worse as the nation continues to sink into the abyss. Please pray for our nation and her people, and please stand up and be counted and do something about it. God bless you each and God bless the United States.

Peace, Scott/moscapoet


  1. Scott,

    I appreciate your concerns and I share them. I do believe that there is still hope especially for those whose hope is not of this world. One thing I have witnessed, participated in and encouraged others to do is to take control of our own health care. Many that I know have taken it upon themselves to be careful what they eat, exercise, see physicians on a preventative bases and be accountable to their own lives and bodies. I believe that the citizenship of this great nation will speak out during the next election and that we will be heard but I also believe that we as a nation can no longer sit around waiting for others to write our destiny of health. Let's take a two-pronged approach at this fight.

    Thank you as always for your words of wisdom...


  2. Thank you Cristi. I agree that our health is largely in our own hands through diet, exercise, prayer, and common sense. I do the very things you have said here and they are the best approach. Sadly, if this new system stands we will be forced via IRS agents to pay for it whether we want to or not. In addition, alternative care, which actually works, is not part of the new system they created. Many of us will opt out anyway as long as we can. When they attempt to take from a bank account we can simply close the account. If everyone did that we'd wind up with a run on the banks like in 1929. Not a pleasant thought.

    I hope you are right about the citizenry of this nation and that they will rise up as a group and throw the elitists out of DC via the vote. Congressional approval last I checked was 16%. I can't imagine 16% of the electorate being able to keep this bunch in office.

    So, agreed on all points. Take health into your own hands and be an active, informed voter. Thanks Cristi.