Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let the wolves eat the sheep

OK, been awhile. Lots to say but best not to say it. Lots to think but been told it is wrong to think it. Evil flourishes when the good do nothing. We are told we are our brother's keeper so it is that some defend the innocent victims of those who attempt to cause harm to them. Yet we are told to look the other way. In so doing others down the road will be victimized.

When the first victim of a rapist refuses to press charges how many more will be victims of the man's violence? When millions of unborn are slaughtered every year should we just meekly sit by and say nothing about it? When radicals threaten innocent children in a far away land should we just look the other way and let it happen without saying a word?

What are the lessons learned in silence? How many Jews went to their death in Nazi Germany when good people looked the other way and said nothing? How many were saved by people willing to stand up and risk death or persecution by harboring the innocent? Does a shepherd watch the wolf eat the sheep or does he poke at the wolf with his staff and defend his flock?

There is no Gospel without the law. In fact there is no need for Gospel without the law. By like token if we strictly look at the law and ignore the Gospel then we are in a hopeless state. One without the other does not work. People, including myself, need to know the state they are in. They need to know the consequences of staying in that state. Then they need to be forgiven and embraced and loved. I know the state I am in. I know the consequences of remaining in that state. I choose by the Grace of God to not remain there.

So, an earlier blog has been removed along with the comments that went with it. It is a message of forgiveness that I do so. We shall see if the hate ends or if it simply sends a signal for the wolves to go after the sheep. My staff is ready.

May His peace always be yours, Moscapoet

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