Thursday, December 31, 2009

Twas a sweet night in Wilkes-Barre

A new twist on a timeless classic. Just thinking about the year that has been. Enjoy.

Twas a sweet night in Wilkes-Barre, and in this fine place
there was wonderful music full of beauty and grace.
The venue was buzzing that most special night
as one night from Heaven became a forum's delight.

Down go the lights and hush goes the crowd
as a form appears in a brightly lit cloud.
The haunting tune drifted and weaved 'mongst the seats,
and all sat there spellbound in her musical treats.

Then came four more angels to light up the room,
and no one who was there could feel a second's more gloom.
Sing Chloe and Lisa. Sing Alex and Lynn.
Play on pixie fiddler. Oh what a beautiful din.

Ray and Nick pounded the beat and became one with their drums.
If any of us tried that we'd sure be all thumbs.
Des and Eoghan plucked strings like in ages gone by,
and Tommy played pipes with such beauty you'd cry.

Out comes a choir with the rest of the throng,
and soon the whole venue was full up with song.
With smiles on our faces and tears in our eyes
the place glowed like sunlight as spirits did rise.

Then came those sweet moments when Chloe saw Kim,
and all felt the rapture like a beautiful hymn.
Chloe winked and waved and blew Kim a kiss.
That's one precious girl who would know Heaven's bliss.

So who are the angels that ran off with our hearts?
Well they're five Irish lasses from far away parts.
But this night they're ours in one gracious gift
as their souls and ours would dip, merge, and drift.

Yes Chloe we know that when you believe
not a thing you can't have what e'er you conceive.
You proved it that night with the smile on Kim's face,
and proved it all the more in your voice touched with lace.

Lisa came singing through fields of gold
as we went one by one into her heart's gentle hold.
In the blessings I'm touched as the voice takes me higher,
while she sings through the night in this heavenly choir.

Then what do my still bouncing eyes dare to see
but a fawnlike Lynn floating by singing to me.
One seaweed seller would win your fair hand
while dear Carolina gives us reason to stand.

Then a flash of blue comes drifting by.
Could it be lady Alex has captured my eye?
Yes it must be. That's her crystalline voice.
I'm swept up and cradled, and haven't a choice.

Spinning and twirling, and leaping about
comes a high flying fiddler with a hoot and a shout.
She kept us all breathless in airs sweet and low,
then flung us 'round madly in her rapid notes flow.

Now we are gathered to await who we'll meet.
The right two tonight would make this dream complete.
Here then comes Chloe with Mairead by her side.
Oh now what a thrill, what a beautiful ride.

Oh moscapoet, oh Dwight, oh Dave and fur face.
Oh John and Ralph, and Scott T's hearts will race.
Oh MrPeabody, Jim and Don, Tony too.
Oh Walter and Wickie can you believe this is true?

Smiles are abundant and tears flow in streams
as so many tonight have the night of their dreams.
So now we part with mem'ries not few
to gather next year for MaireadFest two.

c 2009 Scott Manke aka moscapoet

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  1. Very creative. I really enjoyed reading this, you have a great talent with words.