Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Support Mairead in the IMA awards


Well, just a brief one here this time. I'll have a year in retrospect in a few weeks.

For now, please visit the following site: and join the forum there. Once you do that you may vote in the IMA awards. Up for those awards for best fiddler is Mairead Nesbitt and rightfully so. While much of her recent work is not in the traditional vein, some is, and we all know she can do trad with the best of them. Please tell your family, friends and co-workers to check out Mairead, join the IMA forum and vote for her. I would love to be there in January and see her handed this award.

In addition to Mairead, Orlagh Fallon is up for several awards including best harpist. She has a wonderful repertoire of traditional pieces both on harp and vocals that place her at or near the top of this genre in my book. I was just in Cleveland for her solo show and it was a wonderful mix of Irish and English, vocals and harp. She was incredibly kind with her time and comments after the show as well. The artists we love so much deserve your support while with Celtic Woman and beyond.

Lisa Kelly and Celtic Woman are also in the slate of nominees so please vote for them as well. These folks have more than earned any awards they can receive, and if we can help them win those we should do so. Please also respond when these artists post a blog. I know Lisa, Chloe, and Mairead all have those and post when time allows.

Finally, just a brief thank you to all the forum folks who have been so kind in their support of the Mairead forum as well as myself and Olivia. My thanks as well to Mairead for her kind and continued support of her forum. That kindness translated into a $2000 check to Oxfam in her name from quite a few members of her forum. May you each have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Dia dhuit, Scott

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