Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A week away

   Well, we are now one week away from the election in the United States. At least I think we are, barring any shenanigans by the current crop in charge.  It has been a very rocky four years for many people. Very little has gone right. Now, of course you won’t hear the leftist media say that. For them and so many of the indoctrinated it has been nothing but positives. Well, the facts don’t bear that out, but please don’t confuse the poor folks with the facts. On every front we are worse off now than four years ago. The economy, foreign relations, socially and culturally, and numerous smaller issues are each in play and we have seen some of that in the debates, though nowhere enough.
   In the economy we are told that we are having a “weak recovery” which is just plain silly as there is no recovery at all. By most measurements we are in a depression. Far more unemployed and actually more than posted as once you fall off the rolls of getting a check you are no longer counted. Where have those jobs gone? Largely overseas. Ross Perot warned us way back in 1992 and he was right. I knew I voted for him for a reason. As Mr. Obama said in one of the debates (he slipped up), some jobs we will never get back. Right, because even the machinery to produce was sold and went elsewhere. You cannot have a first world economy if you produce nothing. You cannot base an economy on retail spending. Can we get our productive capacity back? Yes, but it will take a combination of a deep reduction in corporate taxes and regulations as well as corporate America being willing to reduce their profit margins. It also means dumping unions that caused us to have higher costs that made us non-competitive in the market place. Frankly, I don’t see any will by any of the parties to do any that. We are told that “the wealthy must pay their fair share”. More class envy from the left and more division. Look, I am not wealthy, but what someone else makes is not my business as long as they aren’t stealing it from me and as long as it is done legally. Do I think some athletes and entertainers are making obscene amounts? Yes I do as are some corporate executives. What the DC elite don’t get is that the “wealthy” can take their money and go anywhere in the world. France will find that out soon enough. We need a flat tax, or better yet get rid of the income tax and just do a sales tax. Everyone pays that, including criminals and non-citizens. You do not tax food essentials at the store or basic toiletries. We also have the ridiculous notion that we can print our way into prosperity. That has never worked at any time in history anywhere in the world. It is awful policy by central banks and does nothing but increase the debt and cause inflation due to the loss of value in the dollar. Central banks PROFIT from printing money and creating debt. Their policies manipulate markets and create the boom and bust cycles. Central banks must end.
   Then we have our dismal foreign relations at the hands of our Muslim in chief and Ms. Clinton. None of the folks in power have yet to meet a terrorist, leftist, or dictator they didn’t like. It is very clear these people at every level do not like this country. They do not like individual freedom of the people or of our nation. They are all into group think and division. Divide and conquer works. Just read the Communist Manifesto and Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals. The blueprints are right there. Lump people into this group or that then pit them against each other so the people cannot unite against their true enemy which is the ruling elite. Comments like the ones Mr. Obama made to the Russians make it very clear he is working behind the scenes to undermine our safety and sovereignty. These folks want the UN in charge of everything. It is an organization that is run essentially by people and ideology anathema to our own in the constitution. We then see countless executive orders like the NDAA which also show that the American people are the ones the elite view as their enemy, not radical Islam or other such ilk. We are viewed as weak by our enemies and Mr. Obama clearly is operating in great sympathy with radical Islam. Just read his book. “Should the political winds turn ugly I will side with the Muslims.” They certainly have turned ugly and he is doing just that. Nations around the world are allowing radical Islam to dictate terms and watching as western nations cower in fear. Yet we the people are giving countless billions to radicals like the Muslim Brotherhood. We would never do that if asked, and neither would we be throwing money willy nilly to every tin pot dictatorship around the world. It is like giving your lunch money to the school bully. Radical Muslims should be deported from every western nation including this one. If they want Sharia law let them live under it in the numerous Islamic nations in Asia and Africa. But it is not just Islam. I have friends in India who have fallen victim to radical Hindus simply for preaching and teaching peacefully the Christian Gospel. He was arrested for doing so, his 90 year old mother beaten, and his wife almost in hiding and no longer able to have the orphanage she operated. All around the world Christians are under assault and the UN does nothing, our DC elites do nothing, and even the Christian community sits meekly by weeping and praying while countless are slaughtered in places like Nigeria, Philippines, and Egypt. It is truly disgusting.
   Why the weakness? Try the indoctrination system that is our schools for one thing. Gone is actual education, replaced by political correctness and fluff. Don’t get me wrong, there are some fine teachers and professors still out there but they are fewer and fewer. There is story after story that shows up of teachers being totally out of line in promoting their own leftist political views in the classroom. Disagree and you are victimized. Wear a Cross and out you go, but Islamic studies is just fine. Really? Where is separation of mosque and state? A huge number of children get out of high school and have to take remedial everything to go forward in college. And what prospects for jobs do they have anyway at this point? They have poor spelling and writing skills and get almost no history or geography. They do not even tested for history on their precious tests which are largely only to get funding for the school and not about actual student learning. What they are tested on is very narrow and a broad education in a disciplined classroom would work better to assist them in passing any test.  No child left behind has left them all behind. But we care more about the student’s self-esteem than whether they actually know anything. So they feel good about themselves but are dumb as a post. It sounds a lot like a certain occupant of the White House. But it is not in the best interest of the leftists to have an educated population. They want them dependent, ignorant, and poor so they are easily controlled. It’s working, sad to say.
   Finally we get to social issues and cultural decline. Crude, vulgar, angry, hateful, intolerant, and close minded rule the day. Oh but the left thinks those are Christians and conservatives. Not even remotely true. We have an intense sense of right and wrong without grey areas. Yet when you disagree with the left they go on a vulgar and hateful scree that turns the air a deep midnight blue with profanity and threats of violence. There are two major cultural issues but many minor ones. Abortion and homosexuality are the two biggies. Frankly, neither of them are covered under our constitution. It is not for the Federal government to pay for sexual activity going in or coming out. War on women? Those that think they have a right to MY wallet to pay for THEIR indiscretions are out of line. You want a REAL war on women then take a look at Sharia law and radical Islam. I don’t see any Code Pink folks in front of mosques do you? Likewise I see no gay protests in front of mosques against a culture that would have them killed. Christians are not talking about killing them, at least not ones who know Scripture. If you don’t want a sexually transmitted disease or a pregnancy then guys need to keep it zipped and gals need to keep their legs together. Too simple? Too bad. Abstinence works every time. As for the whole “marriage” debate, that too is bogus. Government has no business in marriage except to protect minors. Find a religious person to say the words, Sign the appropriate legal documents then get on with it. It is not for government to endorse or interfere in the relationships of two consenting adults. Note that I said TWO, CONSENTING, ADULTS. Both the abortion and gay marriage issue are wedge issues created by the left to undermine the foundations of a stable society. If we were actually obeying our founding document then neither of those would be an issue. But the left must divide us or they cannot win. Same goes for race relations. I have zero issue voting for black candidates. I can think of a great many extremely qualified for a variety of posts including the top one, and I have done so in the past.
   We have a group in power which has scandal after scandal, secret after secret, and know only division and nothing about unity unless you want a socialist-communist or Islamic state. The man at the top is obviously a serious narcissist. Notice when he speaks that the good things are always I and me and bad things are always we, they, them, and you. He cannot be honest about who and what he is or his agenda and has not been at any time except when he got caught or slipped up. He, Biden, and Ms. Clinton laugh off serious issues. It is the laughter of Hell. The attorney general and the entire cabinet are totally incompetent and possibly even treasonous. And Mr. Chu, what kind of an economy do you think we’ll have with European fuel prices? What is happening to electricity prices as coal fired plants are shut down with nothing to replace them? At every turn they go around the constitution and Congress does nothing. There has not been a budget the entire time O has been in office yet they still spend and raise the debt ceiling. There is no restraint in DC, and lest you think I am Mr. Republican, I am not. They continue to foist upon us left of center and push away conservatives. I know JFK could not get the democrat nomination and he might not even get the republican one if he were still around. That is how far left we have gone. We are heading for a huge cliff and only we the people can stop it, and it will not be by voting party line. Both parties are bankrupt and most of the media nothing more than propaganda for the left. Goebbels would be proud.
   I voted early last week. I used a paper ballot as those machines are a huge potential for fraud. I showed my ID and was happy to do so. Those that protest it only wish to commit fraud by allowing multiple voting, dead people voting or for non-citizens to vote. You need an ID for almost everything and it does NOT disenfranchise anyone. Then there is the threat of violence by groups like the racist Black Panthers, La Raza, and other leftist groups. Now we have the UN coming to “observe” when they have zero authority to do so. It is a scenario primed for massive fraud, so we need a huge voter turnout to overcome it. I voted by conscience as an independent. I am informed on the issues and where the candidates stand. There was no emotion in my vote. I was voting with my brain and not some other body part. Our obligation is to the constitution and nothing else politically. If they voted for the NDAA I said no. If they voted for Obamacare I said no. We are the last remaining nation that is not socialist, communist, a dictatorship, or an Islamic Republic. And that is what all of those groups hate so much and why they are working so hard to end us as a constitutional, independent, republic.  Say no to them and yes to freedom for the individual and the nation. It is the most important election in our history. God’s blessings and peace to each of you. Many died to give you the right to vote. Don’t let that blood have been shed for nothing.  

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