Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When darkness casts a shadow, there is still the music

   A week ago today a dark pall began to descend upon our nation and the world.  The saddest part of it all was that pall was invited and welcomed. We were warned in Scripture about the end times and that many would be blind and deaf to the evil that would come. It is true. God’s Word is always true. How did we come to this and what is the future? Only god truly knows the answer to the latter, but I’ll offer my opinion on it along with how we got here. After all, this is a blog and largely a matter of opinion.
   My degree is in history and geography. My understanding of past events, people, and where it all took place is by no means as full as some but certainly far ahead of most. We in the United States have allowed all that has happened to us. This is our own fault for being distracted, complacent, and apathetic. It is we who have allowed our schools, media, and entertainment to become instruments of the far left and a world view alien to our constitution. This past election cycle exposed that as never before. The sheer ignorance of the masses and the clear propaganda of the media were on parade. The election was rife with massive fraud and even to this day the ones who could address and challenge it have meekly steeped aside. Schools, media, and entertainment culture have been tools of division to assist the political elites of both parties in the undermining and destruction of the constitution and the foundations of our nation. Numerous wedge issues are used to put people in groups and then pit them against one another. We let that happen. Schools at every level have ceased being institutions of education and have become places of indoctrination. Simply look at the photos and posters of the O man at school polling places as a tiny tidbit of the truth in that. Such photos should have never been at a polling place yet they were. Children are used as political pawns and taught about the benefits of leftist ideology at a young age. The left are not stupid. They understand that a person’s brain does not finish wiring itself until the person is in their twenties. So, indoctrinate them young and reinforce it and by the time they are done with university they are totally hard wired with leftist thought. This is also why the left puts such a premium on education and fights alternatives so hard. Story after story has come out of teachers reprimanding students for anything that does not fit leftist ideology and forcing upon them that which their parents may find objectionable. Recently a judge just decided that parents do not have the right to know what their children are taught. Fine then, perhaps we the people should refrain from paying the property taxes that support the schools. Maybe take the child out of that school and go somewhere else. No kids, no funding. This is the same crowd that says parents of a minor girl have no right to know if their daughter has an abortion. Remember “It takes a village”? That’s what that was all about, removing the power of the parent and replacing it with government. This past weekend Ireland voted to place an amendment in their constitution that is essentially a UN law. That law states that government can remove a child from the home if it feels it is in the “best interests” of the child. What is the definition of best interest? So, we now have at least a couple generations indoctrinated into the left and now voting all over western nations. We’ve let our courts rule against our own national best interests in favor of outside laws and thoughts. Islam has invaded the west and is bent on forcing Sharia law on the people. The weak west does nothing to stop it. The entire west needs to be placed on suicide watch as they are in the process of committing national suicide from The States to Australia to Western Europe. It is not only suicidal but insane.  We have ignored Rome, and the history of 20th century despotism. But they no longer teach any meaningful history in schools. So when the election came upon us why did it go the way it did?
   The mass of the people are now conditioned to government being the answer to everything. They ignore that government actually created the problems to begin with. In this country we have two main political parties. They are nothing like what they used to be. The democrats have gone so far left they are virtually indistinguishable from socialists or even communists. Not a chance JFK could have ever received the nomination for President in this day and age from that party. They have embraced every radical leftist agenda and group they can in an effort to keep the nation divided. They have a complicit media fully on board with that. Yet while these folks are evil they are not dumb. They are devious, deceitful, dishonest, vulgar, and hateful. They have their cult followers believing it is the other side who are like that. The majority of the entertainment culture fully supports it all. There are some exceptions but they are in a minority by a large percentage. Then there are the Republicans. They are fence-straddling, cowardly, and weak. They are as corrupt as the other party. That could clearly be seen from the nonsense that took place in the primary and the evaporation of the truth that Ron Paul had won several states. They cooked the books. They then ignored and alienated all of Paul’s delegates and himself at the convention. They put forward a nice man but the weakest in the entire field that could have been chosen. I warned folks early on he would lose if he was the nominee as the conservative base would not turn out. They did not and he lost. Ronald Reagan could not get the nomination for that party today. Had the base turned out then no amount of fraud could have overcome the result. I blame the republicans every bit as much as the fraud and radical left. It is why I removed my name from any party rolls years ago. It is more of the same and divisive.
   So now the left will reap what they have sown. They will own what is coming this next four years. They will own higher unemployment, higher inflation, and an increasingly divided population. The O man is in no way a unifier. The end result of aggressive leftist policies will be the remainder of the middle class dissolving, more part time work than full time and the evaporation of the private sector under the burdens of taxes and regulations. The foolish energy policies will result in far higher prices and far less availability. The O man and his goon Mr. Chu are opposed to coal, petroleum, and anything else that is not “green”. There will be zero economy with the energy prices they want. But they don’t care. The agenda is to destroy nations and replace it with the UN or similar body. Then we have the poisonous O care that is already taking a toll on jobs. Our debt will grow as more and more stop earning enough to pay or have a job to pay any at all. The foolish central banks tell us printing more money will stimulate the economies of places like here and Western Europe. The only things they stimulate are interest payments to those banks and ever bloated government debt.  We are witnessing the decent of a very dark cloud that will likely end western civilization as we know it. Replacing it will be an ascendant Asia. We can hope it is East Asia and not West Asia. While I am no fan of the communists in China they are preferable to the radical Muslims if one had to choose. It is my opinion that the forcing upon us of UN laws and policies will in the end result in civil war here. The one thing that will set it off most certainly would be confiscation of weapons against our constitution. Folks forget that was actually the thing that stimulated our revolt and independence from the British. I hope these people who have been so bent on the rapid movement “forward” to the left have sense to stop their foolish aggression. But greed and the lust for power and control is a strong force. I doubt they have such restraint. They certainly have shown no fiscal restraint operating against the law for four years without a budget. Evil has run amok and the people have voted for it. They have picked their poison and so many innocent others will be forced to drink it with them. It is on a massive scale in government and business. It is not some obscure notion. It is real. The assaults on the people of the light by the forces of darkness are ongoing throughout the world. The light of Christianity is being attacked at every turn in the name of “tolerance”. Yet those who tell us Christians we are not tolerant are they themselves intolerant and even hostile. These radicals would kill us without hesitation yet we do not call for the same. Yet we are the intolerant ones. We speak out against embracing abortion and homosexuality yet we do not go around and seek the death of those who practice it. We pray for them. Yet neither group can be found protesting in front of an Islamic mosque against a culture that surely would kill them in nations ruled by that culture.
   So where do we go now? We are here for a reason, each of us. We are called to something and each has a gift to share. There may come a time when we must use that gift to defend freedom. We just celebrated Veterans Day. Yet those in the grave may have spilled their blood in vain as we give away the freedoms they fought for and become the very things they fought against. I say that about not just us here but many western nations. There may come a time when we must fight again. I believe currency collapse, hyper-inflation, and civil war are all possible. Are they certain? I hope not. But to avoid it all we must have rational leaders who honestly care about the nations and their people. I see none of that now. I encourage everyone to pray. I encourage everyone to love. Cherish the blessings you have now as they can vanish in an instant. Today I watched and listened to my favorite group, Celtic Woman, as they appeared on a daytime soap opera. They sang The Parting Glass. As I watched these beautiful women with their soulful sound, tears came to my eyes. All I could think about were all the fallen who died for Ireland, the United States, and other nations, who may have done so thinking their nations would remain free in part due to their sacrifice. I thought about all who may die in a possible coming conflict, and that the parting glass may be raised to freedom itself. In the eyes and voices of Lisa, Chloe, Mairead,  and Susan I saw hope and a connection to a spirit and a time long past. That happens a lot with them for me. They are part of what keeps me sane. They would likely disagree with my stance on most issues. It is up to each to choose our path and as long as they refrain from any overt politics I can and will continue to support them. After all, insanity is not an option. We have enough of that going around now! So, no matter how dark the shadow and foreboding the time, I will pray to the Lord and know that He is, and keep the melodies in my heart. May God bless us all as we enter further into this ever darkening time. I pray each of you come through it and into the light.
                              Until next time,        Scott

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