Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Doing the right thing


This blog will be more of a commentary as I reflect on the things of life and how short life itself can be. There are times when one is forced to think about such things as it is for me now.

There are people in life who sacrifice others to build up themselves. We each know folks like that and they know who they are. Such lives are built on jealousy, greed, control, and anger. Their reward may seem great to those on the outside. But they are not happy people. Their thirst can never be quenched. It consumes them and all around them. They wallow in their selfishness and get what they want sharing little of it with others. Their reward is seemingly far greater than what they have earned. They demand respect when they do so little to earn it. They are inflated by their own egos and by those who ride their coattails hoping to be given the crumbs from the banquet table. They hold no one or nothing higher than themselves. They recognize mortality but fail to see the consequences of it and how the person they have chosen to be will affect it. They surround themselves with the weak and the ignorant. They convince others they have more influence than they truly have. They are shallow, empty vessels who bring only negative into the lives of others and suck the very energy from those who care about them. In the final analysis, you reap what you sew. Whatever they gain will be temporary. Those who fill themselves with the negative words, emotions and actions of life will soon find that it will bear fruit in death from within.

There are others in life who sacrifice self for others. They may not always have been that way, and may not be that way all the time. But, the trend is towards the positive. Giving, loving, sharing, uplifting others, giving encouragement, and simply listening are clues that a person has a right heart. Love must be unconditional or it is not love at all. It should be respectful and honorable in both words and actions. When you love you cannot be afraid of it or speaking it. Love, real love, comes from one place only and that is our creator. He created it and us. There are those in life who inspire love in others. One fiddler I know comes to mind. In our language there is but one word for love, yet it has many facets like the precious gem that it is. There are as many kinds of love as there are those who experience it. Some find it productive to criticize those who are happy, who love and aren't afraid to show it, and who write in passionate ways. It is they who are lacking the true meaning of the word in their lives. It is they who stifle love at every turn. Yet what is born of the light cannot be overcome by darkness. Love will always triumph over hate.

We have choices in life. We can choose darkness or light. We can choose right or wrong. We can choose love or hate. We can choose life or death to a certain degree. Fill your lives with positive, uplifting, beautiful things and people. You'll find though that many people who are beautiful on the outside are not so within. You'll also find that some people radiate beauty from within and that is reflected as well in their external beauty. If you are paying attention it does not take long to figure out who is who in that regard.

Since April 2007 I have been uplifted, blessed, and filled with love like I have never been before. That came to me through instruments in God's hands well known to those who know me. One instrument has been the source of countless inspirations to this day. She opened my eyes to a world I had lost long ago. In the two years that have passed a creative stream has flowed in me. That inspiration in turn may inspire others which is likely why it came to begin with. You may never know who you will touch deeply in this life. Choose to do so in a positive way in your words and actions. If love does nothing else in you let it show you the power of the One who created it and sent it into your life. Give that love back unconditionally. Maybe, just maybe, the gift you get in return will be all you ever hoped for in life. Have faith and believe that with God all things are possible no matter how unlikely or improbable. But go about your life and don't dwell on that which you wish for so much. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move a mountain. I don't care about moving mountains, only touch one little heart that has danced in my dreams for endless ages. Life is too short to be afraid of what others think when you're doing the right thing. Whether anyone sees you or not, do the right thing. Work behind the scenes to bring positive things to the lives of others, not so people see it and think highly of you.

This has been a bit of a ramble of sorts. It is written in a mix of both fulfillment and frustration. It is written as one person reflects on what has been, what is, and what may be. The advice in it is free so worth what you paid for it. Now, back to the creative stream for me. May you too be blessed with a creative force and a passion that fills your life and those around you with all the positive things that make life worth living. May you never lack for love. God's peace.

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