Thursday, April 30, 2009

Supporting the magic

Hello everyone!

Well, those of us who belong to the official Celtic Woman website as members received a request to help that group obtain more exposure from the ABC network. By the way, that is owned by Disney, who happens to be using Members Mairead and Lisa in the next Tinker Bell movie. That is a follow on to the successful performance of Mairead on the first movie of that series.

So, if you like Celtic Woman and the artists within it then by all means go to the official Celtic Woman web site at and click on the members area and join. You may then be able to communicate to ABC your desire to see more of this amazing ensemble on national TV.

I for one am hoping that Mairead will get to exhibit her wonderful abiliites nationally by performing in full one of her great airs such as The Coast Of Galicia or Granuaile's Dance. She would captivate an entire country and enchant possibly millions with the right showcase.

I would encourage all of you to check out the various forums of the individual artists as posted in an earlier blog and support your favorite. For a variety of reasons I do not endorse the forum officially linked to Celtic Woman. No reason to not join the Celtic Woman website as a member though and then you'll get periodic updates and newsletters right from the source.

We all cry that there is nothing but junk on TV. Well, PBS brought us Celtic Woman and it has been the best thing on TV ever in my opinion. Now ABC has the chance to follow suit and we can help make that happen. So, if you get the letter to ABC to support Celtic Woman, send it as is or do as I did and edit and embelish it. I told them a bit of my story but also advised them to not put Celtic Woman on any show that is distasteful to many or controversial. They have avoided that so far and should continue to do so. Hollywood has a tendency to tarnish everything it touches so we want to be sure Celtic Woman stays as they are now in the way they are viewed by their many supporters. They are who they are and that's why we love them.

Thanks for your support of Mairead in all of her efforts as well as your support of Celtic Woman. They are worth it in so many ways, and have touched so many lives in a positive way since coming into our homes on PBS just a few short years ago.

All the best, Scott

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