Friday, April 24, 2009

Some promotions


Well, over the past year or so a great many wonderful forums and sites have appeared that you should know about if you don't already. Here are just a few: (site of her official fan site and forum) (official site, this has been around awhile and is very nice)

Lisa and Mairead also have blogs that you can get to from here that they update now and then. Mairead also puts out a newsletter every few months or so that you can subscribe to.

Mairead is currently on the Celtic Woman tour here in the states but is also actively working on recording the sound track for the second Disney Tinkerbelle movie which is due for release this fall. She did a beautiful job on the first Tinkerbelle movie where you can hear her throughout. She works in conjunction with the very talented composer Joel McNeely in coming up with just the right music for this enchanting movie.

Olivia is attending university, working, and doing various gigs in her native Australia. Her CD, Words After Midnight, is available through at $19.95 plus shipping or through me at the same price. Be watching for news of more gigs as well as more songs.

All of the forums listed above are run by great people and have a really wonderful and close family feel about them. There are no cliques like one may find elsewhere and they are all about the artists in whose name they operate. They are small, but active places, with wonderful members that do all they can to support their artists. Drop in if you haven't already. Also, there are two others forums you may want to check out supporting artists formerly with Celtic Woman. Both are official forums that are for Meav ( and Deirdre ( and are run by very nice folks in Marie and Jenny.

Celtic Woman continues to branch out and get additional exposure. They have appeared on numerous national morning shows over the years. This year so far they also rang the closing bell on Wall Street at the NYSE, and recently made a brief appearance at the end of an episode of Dancing With The Stars. You can find all sorts of news and nice videos at their official site at where you can also find concert information. Go to a show if you can!

Please also check out my own My Space page at where you can find a nice group of friends and wonderful artists all worth your time and consideration. Be looking both there and here in the future for posts of some of my more popular poems and lyrics. No shortage of those! Wrote number 305 today in the span of only two years!

Thanks for reading and we'll see you on line, at a concert, or elsewhere. God's peace.


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