Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tinkerbelle lives!

Hello everyone!

Well, what amazing news has been flowing out of places like Texas and California of late. No, not politics, not swine flu, not tainted sprouts, but good news. Mairead just had a birthday, and she celebrated it in fine style in Dallas with the help of a great audience, wonderful friends, and a little help from her forum. Then off to California.

The second Disney Tinkerbelle movie is due to be released this fall. Like the first Tink movie, the marvelous Celtic violinist Mairead Nesbitt will be audible throughout the soundtrack. Her team work with craftsman Joel NcNeely proved to be such an important part of helping that first movie come alive. Anyone notice just a bit of resemblance between Mairead and the Tinkerbelle character? Now, in the second movie, her friend and co-star from Celtic Woman, Lisa Kelly will join her as Lisa sings the opening song. One wonders if the entire cast may be on the third Tink movie. Might as well. Works for me.

Coupled with the recordings for the movie was the Celtic Woman appearance on the popular national show, Dancing With The Stars. An abbreviated rendition of You Raise Me Up closed that show. Far too abbreviated in my opinion was Mairead's role. However, national exposure to folks who had never heard of them since they don't watch PBS. Their loss as CW has been the best thing on TV for years in my opinion. I think the TV show missed an amazing opportunity. They could have put Mairead on stage by herself and had her perform Granuaile's Dance. Flying all over, leaping, twirling, all why playing fiddle flawlessly? It would have brought down the house and enchanted an entire country. Not one other dancer or musician could do what she does. It was a decent showcase for the vocalists and even the choir in the way it was done.

So, what else is coming up? One can only guess at this point, but it seems just because they aren't in concert doesn't mean they aren't working. They are. Hard. I can't imagine them being anything less than exhausted by the time this tour ends with all they have been doing. Away from home for months, traveling, living out of suitcases, going out every time and giving their best no matter how tired they might be, and doing so. Whatever they are paid it isn't enough. Maybe, just maybe, what they may not get in pay, they get from their truest, and most avid fans/friends. Love, encouragement, support, gifts, and just the smiles and tears they see on our faces each night, are all gifts to them in thanks for all they go through to do what they were born to do.

Stay tuned for news of their next DVD recording from their official site. All of the artists have individual forums where you can go to support your favorite. Some have official sites of their own like Mairead's at www.maireadnesbitt.com which has links to various things of interest. There is also her forum at www.maireadforum.com which we lovingly call the enchanted forest. We also have links to her charity of choice, Oxfam Ireland Unwrapped. Be watching for items in the forum that you can bid on or buy tickets for with proceeds going to her charity. Please show her your support by visiting her site, posting on her guest book if you are so moved, joining the forum, and donating to her charity in her name.

Does Tinkerbelle live? Yes indeed, in the form of one amazing woman fiddler from Ireland. If you don't get a healthy dose of pixie dust when you see and hear her perform, then you must be immune to it. Open your eyes, ears, and heart, and be prepared to be swept away to Neverland by the incomparable Mairead.

All the best, Scott

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